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  • Not only do I shop there for my dog but I also bought soil and sweet peet for my garden. Give this place a try! They offer propane fill up and many other things! Locally owned and dog friendly :
    Jess, Strongsville
  • Only place to get dirt, mulch, and propane!
    Mark, Columbia Station
  • Is truly a local company that takes pride in their local community and is constantly looking for ways to better support their clients with new and exciting programs.
  • Pizza guy just delivered and told me that our mulch might be the best he's ever seen... Never seen it so fine... I told him we got it from Landmark Lawn & Garden on Prospect! Thanks again! Looks great!
    Scott, Olmsted Falls
  • My first visit here was for a free Build-a-Birdhouse workshop, where they provided all the materials plus extra goodies. It was a very fun, well-planned event. I came back later to buy dog food, and the staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help - asking what I needed when I walked in, guiding me straight to it, and even carrying it out to my car. I'm anxious to explore their birding club and see what other events they come up with.

Railroad Tie (Each)

Our Price: $22.99
Quantity Discounts:
16 to 245$19.54

Quantity Discounts

16 to 245$19.54

The company we use is the country’s largest, most experienced and most trusted recycler of railroad ties. They remove more than one-half million railroad ties from tracks across the country annually, most of which are in excellent condition for reuse for a variety of purposes.

Railroad ties they remove and repurpose find new life as fence posts, decorative landscaping project supplies, retaining walls and dunnage.

All railroad ties they salvage go through a consistent grading and sorting process based on quality and wear. Their crew of sorters has been trained in grading process and consistently checks for quality. Ties and poles that do not meet the standards for resale are still recycled; they are ground up to be used as boiler fuel. 

16 units per bundle